Matteo Minchilli is an Italian architect raised in Milan and active in NY since 2004. After working experiences with Gabellini Sheppard, SOM and BAM Design, Matteo opens Archi-mobile ltd in 2010, where he investigates design at the human scale.

Archi-mobile ltd is a dynamic environment where design offers functional solutions to urban living, with focus on material and spatial investigations. We also provide design consultancy to various firms in the world of design and architecture.

In the core of Archi-mobile design philosophy lies the belief that good or bad space does not exist, only good or bad design does. Inevitably a successful combination of form and function leads to comfort and wellness of living.

Our team has been involved with projects at various scale, phases and programs with the overarching belief that any man –made space should bear design responsibility to its surrounding environment and sustainability concepts are a key aspect in the creative process.

Within each project We develop a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and guide them through the process of space-making: in this we are able to offer design and technical services to carry out every step from concept design to final realization of a project.

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