2006-2013 / Interior Design / 2000 sq. ft / Full interior design of a single-family house in the countryside of Tuscany. The exercise of stair design: A metal stair hanged from the ceiling connects the lower level with the bedrooms area. Here a family room connects to the 2 bedrooms and the master bedroom. The two rooms have mezzanine level with millwork stair that also works as storage/bookshelf. The master bedroom changing room is located to the mezzanine of the master bedroom thru a metal stair of cantilevering steps that echoes the metal original ironworkers presence in the area. Extensive use of local travertine stone includes the 4 bathrooms and the kitchen.

map residenceFacadeSTONE WALLP1230964Cucina3Cucina1Cucina4Bagno sottoP1230955P1230881P1240063 copyP1230933P1230892P1240023P1240022Bagno sopra 1Bagno sopra 2P1230999P1240006P1240004P1230900Montepetroso Piante

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